Tomorrow, Monday, November 15, is the Prometheus Radio Project’s National Call-in Day to pass the Local Community Radio Act.

For ten years, the radio pirates of Philadelphia and their cohorts all over the country have fought to pass this law, which would give the completely stale form of FM radio a total reset. This bill, two Senators away from passing, would create thousands of non-profit, community radio stations from Hawaii to Maine. We could even have little low-power radio stations here in Philadelphia! Just think. Ogontz FM. Forgotten Bottom Radio. The Voice of Bridesburg.

If you’ve ever driven across any part of this beautiful country, and turned off your damn Ipod, and tried to find something on the dial that really made you jump, and wondered where all the music had gone – well, then please come by tomorrow to the basement of Calvary Church at 48th and Baltimore, for an hour, to make calls, 10 to 4 pm.



We need your help! Last chance this year to pass the Local Community Radio Act!

ALL HANDS ON DECK! This is our last big chance to pass the Local Community Radio Act this year and open up the airwaves for thousands of new community radio stations across the country. With your help, we could win this by the end of the year. We are so close!!

Please come by the Prometheus office for an hour to eat some pizza and make some calls to our supporters and friends around the country to ask them to call their senators.

When: Monday, Nov. 15 from 10am – 4pm (one hour shifts if you can)

Where: Prometheus Headquarters at the Calvary Church on 48th and Baltimore ave (ring the doorbell on the side door on the 48th st. side)

Why: This is it! We are down to the wire, it is do or die, the last big chance this year to pass the Local Community Radio Act.

Click here to sign up for a shift! m/viewsheet.php?type=2&sheet=5855152fbdac3dec426a3a1eac8e32e0