Video: Philadelphia Women Protest Cuts in Healthcare, Feb. 17, 2011

On Feb. 17, 2011, Philadelphia women rallied against proposed cuts to women’s healthcare coming from Harrisburg and Washington. The cuts – to HIV testing, cancer screenings, healthcare coverage through Adult Basic, and others – have been described as the strongest attack on women’s rights in decades. Elected officials Rep. Babette Josephs and State Senator Larry Farnese spoke about the new Republican climate in Harrisburg at this rally at City Hall, and what these cuts mean. I shot this for Philadelphia NOW.

Note: This video was produced on PhillyCAM equipment; this January I was part of the inaugural video production class sponsored by PhillyCAM, which is the television station owned by the people of Philadelphia – check out their site here.

From their mission statement:

Public access serves as an “electronic park” where people from all different types of communities have the opportunity to share their views and information on just about anything—arts and culture, sports, cooking, religion, education, local issues, national news, health concerns—the list is only limited by the people’s imagination.


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