My op-ed in the Coloradoan:

The oil economy is everywhere. Feb. 14, a “human oil spill” ravaged the downtown Oak Street Plaza, as 350 Fort Collins members lay strewn out over black plastic under scenes of tar sands mining in Utah. The black-clad petroleum impersonators chanted and drummed, all to the point of gathering signatures calling on Colorado State University to divest from fossil fuels.

Divestment from fossil fuels is a global movement and an excellent tactic to transition from destructive fossil fuel mining and consumption to a renewable future powered by renewable sources. The idea is this: holdings of fossil fuels by cities, colleges, individuals, and other institutions — often in the millions of dollars – are sold off so that those industries have less access to capital.

Many diverse colleges have already put their money where their principles are and divested: Stanford, the New School, Naropa University and many more (http://bit.ly/fossilcommitments). Cities can do this as well; Fort Collins certainly could follow the lead of Ithaca, Provincetown or Oakland. We are already leaders in the fight for climate justice.

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