Complaints filed with the FCC against “The Simpsons”, 2003-2007 (or, Happy New Year)

Panel from a recent episode of "The Simpsons"

To countdown to the New Year, I wanted to highlight a really interesting document I just discovered: a list of complaints filed with the FCC against “The Simpsons” from 2003-2007 FOIA’d by Apparently there were so many the FCC charged them extra for copying fees. Props to Timothy Sexton for blogging about them.

It is hosted here and really worth checking out if you want to see what our cultural gatekeepers navigate all day, or you have a sense of humor, or if you know how unusual it is for people to lodge a complaint.

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The Future of Media is Already Happening: Local Community Radio Act Passes!

This weekend, a major milestone in the movement to democratize the American media was achieved: the passage of the Local Community Radio Act (LCRA), the first standalone piece of media justice legislation passed since the Public Broadcasting Act of 1967, which created the Corporation for Public Broadcasting and National Public Radio. The bill legalizes FM radio licenses for small, community, non-profit stations all across the country – most notably, in cities where it was previously banned, and it should, over the long run, have as great as impact on our media as the PBA… perhaps greater, in fact, coming at a time when the Internet has multiplied the network and reach of all independent and community media.

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This Time, It’s About the Music.

Tomorrow, Monday, November 15, is the Prometheus Radio Project’s National Call-in Day to pass the Local Community Radio Act.

For ten years, the radio pirates of Philadelphia and their cohorts all over the country have fought to pass this law, which would give the completely stale form of FM radio a total reset. This bill, two Senators away from passing, would create thousands of non-profit, community radio stations from Hawaii to Maine. We could even have little low-power radio stations here in Philadelphia! Just think. Ogontz FM. Forgotten Bottom Radio. The Voice of Bridesburg.

If you’ve ever driven across any part of this beautiful country, and turned off your damn Ipod, and tried to find something on the dial that really made you jump, and wondered where all the music had gone – well, then please come by tomorrow to the basement of Calvary Church at 48th and Baltimore, for an hour, to make calls, 10 to 4 pm.

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