Graphic for the campaign for universal, affordable Internet service

Illustration donated to the Save the Libraries campaign by illustrator Mark A. Hicks, online at http://www.planetmarkix.com

Sam Bennett for Congress, 2008 Primary
Announcement press release
Healthcare press release

Anne Dicker for State Senate, 2008 Primary: Mail piece (ran campaign for final 8 days while also managing Bennett for Congress)

Michael Nutter for Mayor, 2007
Blog entries on YoungPhillyPolitics.com
Email blast to personal list (10 days out)

Vern Anastasio for City Council campaign, 2007
Reform press release
Palm card front/back
Anti-casino press release

Anastasio for Council Logo

Alternate logo by the amazing James Doolittle: on Twitter at @wookified

Anne Dicker for State Representative, 2006
Anne Dicker is FBI Free – Corruption press release
Election Day door hanger
(Worked on campaign while employed fulltime at the Greater Philadelphia Cultural Alliance)

Ballot initiative on city contract law, 2005
“The Pluppets”: A sock puppet show
Filmed by the Daily News. Philly for Change makes Clout.