On Net Neutrality, the Internet, and Frozen Concentrated Orange Juice

Last week, the United States government moved to block and restrict speech on many of the largest Internet companies in the United States, including social media, online document storage, e-commerce systems, domain-name registrars – levels of the Internet that the vast majority of users don’t know existed.

Under pressure from Congress, the State Department, and the Department of Homeland Security, Paypal (87 million users) shut down online payments to Wikileaks, Amazon kicked all quarter-million documents off their servers, and Columbia University students were told by State Department officials to stop talking about Wikileaks on Twitter (190 million users) and Facebook (500 million users).

It was a major, international freedom of speech crackdown; Reporters without Borders said that “the United States … has suddenly brought their policies on freedom of expression into line with those of China.”

Meanwhile across town, Federal Communications Commission chair Julius Genachowski made a speech touting the federal government’s support of freedom online:

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The Dangerous Adventures of the Internet in Space…a cartoon.

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don’t send the Internet out there like an astronaut without a suit!